OE Acquires Innovation Focused Tritonia Scientific

27th October 2023

Providing Underwater Clarity

We are pleased to share that on 27th October 2023 Ocean Ecology completed a majority share acquisition of Tritonia Scientific Limited (TSL), an innovation focused marine technology company that is leading in the integration of emerging technologies to generate step-change advances in underwater monitoring.

This follows Ocean Ecology’s acquisition of Ecospan Environmental Limited in 2022 and further expands Ocean Ecology’s service offering of end-to-end marine environmental technical and advisory services to the blue economy.

The three companies will now work together to offer novel joint services delivering best-in-class assessments for clients with interests in the condition of seabed features, natural or man-made, with improved efficiency levels. Particular focus will be on providing advanced methodologies to assist decision making in the aquaculture sector, both for producers and regulators. The same techniques will be transferred to other businesses that rely on high quality underwater data, such as those with interests in offshore renewable energy, oil and gas decommissioning, the condition of harbour and piers, and natural capital assessments.

Ross Griffin, Technical Director at Ocean Ecology, explains how “we are thrilled to be joining forces with Tritonia Scientific and are excited to see how their cutting-edge approaches of visualising the underwater environment can advance the quality, precision and efficiency of our work and that of the wider Åkerblå Group. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and providing best-in-class solutions for assessing seabed features and habitats to our clients”.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Tritonia Scientific
and are excited to see how their cutting-edge approaches can
advance the quality our work and that of the wider Åkerblå Group"

Why Tritonia Scientific?

Tritonia Scientific is a research and development focused organisation based in Oban that, since its incorporation in 2018, has developed new ways of visualising, mapping and measuring the underwater environment. Tritonia focuses on employing georeferenced 3D photogrammetry (G3DP) techniques to generate data in forms and volumes that are rapidly expanding the quality and precision of marine geospatial planning and management over multiple scales of relevance.

Advanced Marine Technology

In addition, Tritonia’s team harnesses the latest marine technologies including ROVs, ASVs and acoustic sensors alongside advanced machine learning to develop, test and take to market novel approaches for autonomous species identification, mapping and measurement of marine biological communities.

Tritonia also has a strong track record in provision of scientific and commercial diving services throughout the UK and internationally including the operation of one of Scotland’s three NHS-registered emergency recompression facilities.

What new services are available?

Bolstering our industry leading marine ecological advisory and technical services, we will now be able to offer cutting-edge georeferenced 3D photogrammetry services delivered through Tritonia spanning full project lifecycles from data collection, processing, modelling and interrogation.

Tritonia’s hydrographic survey offering will also complement the services provided by Ecospan Environmental who provide leading hydrographic and oceanographic surveys services combined with specialist consultancy advice in environmental permitting and planning. These new services will continue to be offered directly through Tritonia but can also be combined into end-to-end solutions through the wider group of companies for large multi-disciplinary projects.


What next?

Tritonia will continue to be spearheaded by Martin Sayer, who has been part of the business since its inception, with support from Ocean Ecology’s management board and that of the wider Åkerblå Group (now part of DNV). Martin and his team hold an intimate knowledge of Tritonia’s array of ground-breaking research projects which will be pivotable in maintaining continuity and continued growth and success of the company. All of Tritonia’s operations will continue from its facilities in Oban alongside Ocean Ecology’s laboratory and consultancy teams at the European Marine Science Park (ESMP) adding to our presence on the West coast of Scotland and helping us better support its well-established aquaculture and growing marine renewable agenda.


Interested in what Tritonia can offer?

If you would like to learn more about Tritonia’s innovative solutions in underwater monitoring or if you have a particular requirement in mind, then please contact Martin Sayer at martin.sayer@tritoniascientific.co.uk or visit Tritonia’s website.