PhD Research with
Swansea University

15th April 2018

Research into Novel Methods for Assessing Marine Biodiversity

Research and innovation is core to our ethos meaning we’re continually engaging with academic and industry partners to identify gaps in our understanding of marine ecological communities and the way we assess them.
Our latest research is aimed at developing novel methods of assessing biodiversity in proximity to marine renewable structures with a particular focus on key protected habitats and motile assemblages found along the Welsh coastline. This includes testing scanning sonar imaging and baited video methods for studying Annex I honeycomb worm Sabellaria alveolata reefs and associated fish assemblages in the turbid waters of the Severn Estuary.
This research is being conducted as part of a KESS and Ocean Ecology funded PhD in collaboration with Swansea University. The PhD is also being supported by a number of key partners with an interest in the Severn Estuary including Natural England, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority (IFCA). Along with others, this group of partners (including Ocean Ecology) have recently formed the Severn Estuary Ecological Research Forum (SEERF) which aims to coordinate targeted research to better inform policy relating to the designated features of the Severn Estuary Special Area of Conservation (SAC).
The ARIS imagery shown above was collected by NRW/Natural England and mosaicked by Girona University. For more on our research activities please see our research page or contact us by email at