Solent Oyster Restoration Project
Project Description

We recently worked with the Blue Marine Foundation to map Broad Scale Habitats (BSHs) (EUNIS Level 3) of subtidal areas along the southern coast of England, with the aim of identifying areas of suitable mixed sediments for seeding of European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) as part of the Solent Oyster Restoration Project. This involved collection of high-resolution side scan sonar (SSS) and bathymetric data across the survey area followed by the collection of sediment samples using a grab sampler.

The samples collected then underwent particle size distribution (PSD) analysis to determine the composition of the sediments sampled which was used in combination with the interpretation of the SSS and bathymetric data to produce a final habitat map for the area identifying areas suitable for potential seeding of oysters.

Service Types
Surveys (benthic)
Surveys (seabed mapping surveys)
Laboratory Analysis (sediments)
Blue Marine Foundation