Oil & Gas

Offshore exploration, pipelines and decommissioning.

With continued exploration in some regions and a transition to decommissioning in others, the offshore oil and gas sector continues to require our range of specialist services in UK and international waters. This includes conducting Habitat Assessment (HA) and Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS), provision of marine mammal mitigation and analysis of seabed sediments from shallow and deep-sea areas.


To discuss your specific requirements contact Gary Robinson on +44 (0) 1452 740697 or by email.

Ocean Ecology has provided excellent support to MarineSpace over the last 6 months enabling us to continue to supply our clients with access to high quality field personnel and macrofaunal sample analysis services. They have been flexible, adaptable and quick to react to changing schedules and client requirements and we look forward to continuing to work with Ocean Ecology in the future.
Phil Durrant - Technical Director, MarineSpace