Data Management

We offer bespoke data management and interpretation services as
well as tailored solutions for the collation, storage, standardisation
and interrogation of marine environmental data.

Our services range from the extraction of data locked in out-dated formats to the development of cloud-based relational databases for storage and manipulation of long-term monitoring data.


To do this we utilise a range of tools including Geographic Information System (GIS) packages such as ArcGIS, QGIS and Surfer, advanced modelling and visualisation solutions such as NaviModel and statistical software including PRIMER / PERMANOVA+ and R.


We also regularly prepare, consolidate and import extensive data sets into key data repositories on behalf of our clients as part of their licencing or statutory requirements. This includes import of marine environmental data into Marine Recorder and archiving of development related monitoring data within the Marine Environmental Data & Information Network (MEDIN).

Ocean Ecology have provided a professional service, with open communication to discuss ideas and developments. They took on a project that has become much larger than expected and have carried out the agreed work with great attention to detail and provided forethought as to how the project could develop in the future. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
Dr Rebecca Kinnear - Executive Officer, SOTEAG

Our key data management services include:


  • Interpretation of side scan sonar (SSS) and multibeam bathymetry (MBES) data
  • EUNIS / MNCR biotope and protected habitat mapping
  • Import of marine environmental data into online databases (e.g. Marine Recorder)
  • Extraction, standardisation and archiving of historical monitoring data
  • Creation of bespoke databases for secure storage and easy interrogation of complex ecological information


As extensive users of marine data, we understand the importance of minimising restrictions in accessing it. As a sign of our commitment to improving access, we are a partner of the MEDIN with the aim of optimising our internal processes to increase the flow of the data we generate into Data Archiving Centres (DACs).

Specialists in EUNIS biotope mapping and
Annex I habitat assessments.


In recent years we have developed a number of novel management tools for recording, standardising and archiving the large volumes of marine environmental data we collect. These internal processes have recently been combined into a single cloud-based management tool now used as standard by our laboratory, consultancy and field teams. ABACUS was developed in collaboration with Peninsula Data Solutions to provide a single standardised platform for recording, quality assuring, storing and exporting marine ecological data whilst ensuring compliance with nationally and internationally recognised data standards (e.g. MEDIN) and industry recognised best practice guidelines (e.g. NMBAQC). Through its live link to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), ABACUS ensures data records and exports are based on the most up to date and authoritative list of species names available.


As a cloud-based platform, our team can grant external users secure web access to specific projects within ABACUS providing complete transparency and real-time insight into project progress to our clients and external partners. We are also able to provide access to users within regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with specific legislative requirements thus streamlining the regulatory process for all parties.


In partnership with DASSH, ABACUS has been developed to facilitate single click exports of general and detailed metadata required for compliance with MEDIN, GEMINI and ISO standards.


For further information on ABACUS and how it can be used within your organisation contact the ABACUS team directly at