Marine Mammal Surveys

We have an experienced marine mammal team that provides a range
of services to the seismic, subsea cables and offshore renewable industries.

Our consultancy team have specialist expertise in the design, implementation and reporting of marine mammal mitigation programmes to reduce the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals. They also provide expert advice to ensure compliance with environmental legislation with a focus on European Protected Species (EPS).

We also provide mitigation and ecological advice through desk-based consultancy services to inform Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and support scientific research programmes. This includes conducting long-term marine mammal monitoring programs on behalf of government agencies to provide robust advice on the conservation status, abundance estimates and breeding stock assessment of marine mammal populations in the UK.

In summary, our marine mammal services include:

    • Marine mammal mitigation and monitoring
      • Seismic exploration
      • High resolution site surveys
      • Construction
      • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
      • Subsea cable and pipeline inspections
      • Military exercise
      • Dredging


  • Research, population estimates & photographic ID surveys
  • Underwater noise monitoring
  • Desk-based EIA / environmental mitigation assessment
  • Licence applications (European Protected Species, Marine Licence & protected species)
  • Provision of trained Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) personnel