Plankton Surveys

We regularly conduct plankton sampling in support of our
benthic and fish surveys as part of wider development
related monitoring programmes and applied research studies.

To date our plankton sampling has ranged from collection of ichthyoplankton (fish larvae and eggs) samples in the vicinity of nuclear power station cooling water intakes to targeted sampling of zooplankton to study larval development cycles of keys benthic species.

Depending on the specific survey requirement, we use a variety of sampling techniques including:

  • Traditional horizontal and vertical plankton nets
  • High speed Gulf VII samplers equipped with multiple nets, flow meters and CTD units
  • Water sampling

The resulting samples are returned to our NE Atlantic Marine Biological Quality Control (NMBAQC) scheme participating laboratory for analysis by our trained plankton taxonomists.

Ocean Ecology have provided TLSB with a continued high standard of support as we have worked to develop the AEMP and associated monitoring proposals. The team are innovative and are able to advise on state of the art technology, they have worked with us to develop solutions to complex issues and to design survey methods and programmes for this first of a kind project. The team are also friendly, enthusiastic, efficient and professional and always look to assist wherever possible, often going that extra mile in the service level provided. We have developed a very good relationship with Ocean Ecology over the past few years and I look forward to working with them again.
Tamsin Watt - Principal Environmental Manager, Tidal Lagoon Power