Rottingdean Dredge
Disposal Site
Project Description

We are currently working with Premier Marinas to undertake an ongoing dredge monitoring programme at the Rottingdean dredge disposal site, adjacent to Brighton Marina, to fulfil the conditions of the Marine Licence granted by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). To date we have been responsible for designing the monitoring programme for approval by Natural England and ensuring sampling has complied with relevant policy requirements (e.g. Water Framework Directive (WFD)).
The monitoring itself has included grab sampling and collection of seabed imagery across a number of protected habitats of the Beachy Head West Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) including subtidal chalk and blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) reefs. We have also been responsible for conducting all of the associated Particle Size Distribution (PSD) and macrobenthic analysis.

Service Types
Surveys (benthic)
Surveys (aerial)
Consultancy (benthic)
Vessels (boat)
Laboratory (macrobenthic)
Laboratory (sediments)
Premier Marinas
From inception to delivery, Ocean Ecology have worked meticulously in ensuring that our monitoring programme is fit for purpose and complies with all relevant conservation requirements. This has been achieved through liaison with the MMO and Natural England on our behalf allowing us continue with our activities with peace of mind knowing that we are meeting the conditions of our Marine Licence.
Andrew Collumbell - General Manager, Brighton Marina