Environmental Baseline and
Habitat Assessment Surveys
Project Description

Throughout 2017, Ocean Ecology have worked closely with MarineSpace Limited to deliver comprehensive Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) and Habitat Assessment (HA) services on behalf of offshore survey contractors and licence area operators. This has included provision of Environmental Scientists and Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) / Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators to collect drop-down video, seabed samples and conduct marine mammal mitigation during analogue and digital data acquisition. Ocean Ecology have also been responsible for conducting all associated macrobenthic, Particle Size Distribution (PSD) and seabed imagery analysis to feed into the wider licence applications.

Service Types
Surveys (benthic)
Surveys (marine mammals)
Laboratory (macrobenthic)
Laboratory (sediments)
Personnel (Environmental Scientists, MMO & PAM operators)
Ocean Ecology has provided excellent support to MarineSpace over the last 6 months enabling us to continue to supply our clients with access to high quality field personnel and macrofaunal sample analysis services. They have been flexible, adaptable and quick to react to changing schedules and client requirements and we look forward to continuing to work with Ocean Ecology in the future.
Phil Durrant - Technical Director, MarineSpace